Original Content: An Interview with Hannu Rajaniemi

Algorithms Alight An Interview with Hannu Rajaniemi By Preston Grassmann   PG: From the beginning of The Quantum Thief, it’s clear that the reader is in the deep end of the SF pool, where the concepts and inventions are initially free of context. The reader, not unlike the detective in the novel, must use inference... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Fiction: “Dancing Together Under Polarized Skies” by Milena Benini

Today's Tuesday Fiction is by Milena Benini from Croatia.  Milena Benini holds a degree in comparative literature (well, actually, she keeps it in a tallboy). She started writing when she was twelve, and got her first professional publication when she was fourteen. She has written numerous short stories and several novels. She is a three-time... Continue Reading →

World SF Blog to merge with The Portal; Expand Operations

The World Fantasy Award nominated World SF Blog has joined forces with online review site The Portal. The Portal, edited by Val Grimm, focuses on short fiction reviews and author interviews, with an extensive focus on international writing. The Portal will be merged into the World SF Blog, incorporating its backlog of original material while... Continue Reading →

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