Fireside Magazine interviews Ken Liu and Tobias Buckell

Fireside Magazine is running a Kickstarter drive right now and it’s posted interviews with Ken Liu (who translated Ma Boyong’s fiction earlier this month) and Tobias Buckell.

Here’s an excerpt:

For Ken Liu:

You also work as a translator, programmer, and lawyer. How do these things mesh, and how do they feed into your writing?
I have found that all these skills are surprisingly similar. In all three professions, the practitioner is trying to turn one set of symbols into another set of symbols and, by doing so, connect two worlds. As for affecting my writing, I think your life always ends up seeping into your fiction, and work is a big part of life.

For Tobias Buckell:

You blog, work as a copy editor and editor, and write short stories and novels. How do you manage the different work, and how do the various jobs feed into each other?

It’s a lot of juggling. Some days I’m not sure how well I’m doing it. I told someone I feel like I can do 2 out of the 3 different strains really well. What happens is that I’ll juggle it all really well for a couple weeks, then a bunch of deadlines will all arrive on the same week and it gets chaotic.
I’m on the cusp of being able to focus on just 2. Who knows. Maybe something will come through.


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