Book highlight: A Polish Book of Monsters

Check out A Polish Book of Monsters, a collection of "five stories of speculative fiction edited and translated from the Polish by Michael Kandel, award-winning translator of the fiction of Stanislaw Lem. From dystopian science fiction to fabled fantasy, these dark tales grip us through the authors' ability to create utterly convincing alien worlds that... Continue Reading →

Flying Saucers Would Never Land in Lucca: The Fiction of Italian Science Fiction

Arielle Saiber, who is Associate Professor of Italian at Bowdoin College in the States, has an excellent and in-depth article on Italian science fiction, available in its entirety online at We highly recommend you check it out! It was published in Californian Italian Studies in 2011. Worse, perhaps, than calling Italian science fiction “derivative”—as has often... Continue Reading →

Tidhar, Marques, Nussbaum nominated for BSFA Award

Lavie Tidhar's Osama has been nominated for the British Science Fiction Association Award for Best Novel. Portuguese artist Pedro Marques has been nominated for his cover artwork for the novel (see below!).  Israeli critic Abigail Nussbaum has also been nominated, for the second year running, in the non-fiction category for her review of M.J. Engh's Arslan. The full list of... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Fiction: “Cosmic Love” by Harry Markov

Today's Tuesday Fiction is by Harry Markov from Bulgaria. Harry Markov is a writer, reviewer and columnist with a predominant interest in the weird, the fantastic and the horrifying. His non-fiction has appeared in Innsmouth Free Press, Beyond Victoriana, The Portal, Pornokitsch and The World SF blog. Most recently he has become an assistant to... Continue Reading →

Monday Original Content: Judit Lőrinczy reports from the Hungarian National SF Convention

A personal account of the XXXI. Hungarian National Science Fiction Convention By Judit Lőrinczy   As anywhere in the world where science fiction fans live, there are conventions, too. Hungary is no exception. Our SF convention, called HungaroCon, was held for the thirty-first time this year thanks to the Avana SF Society which is the... Continue Reading →

Israeli Pulp Collection at Arizona State University

A fascinating article on Arizona State University's Israeli pulp collection, curated by Rachel Leket-Mor, described as "one of the most complete representations of this unusual type of literature": Bright, lively illustrations splash across the covers of small, aged booklets that comprise the IsraPulp collection at Arizona State University. The collection is the sole compilation of... Continue Reading →

On Soviet Science Fiction Films

Over at SF Signal, Grady Hendrix talks about the history of Soviet science fiction films: The titles are what grab you: I Killed Einstein, Gentlemen; Dead Mountaineer’s Hotel; Who Wants to Kill Jessie?; To The Stars By Hard Ways;Ferat Vampire; Test Pilot Pirxa; Ikarie XB-1. A heady combination of ESL literalism, proletarian bluntness and purple exploitation prose, who could come up... Continue Reading →

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