2011 Fiction, plus comment on awards


We published 18 short stories in 2011, from Hungary, India, China, Croatia, South Africa, Israel, Japan, the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, the Philippines, Russia, Romania and Poland.

That’s pretty good going by all accounts!

Of these, six are originals, appearing on the World SF Blog for the first time. They are marked by a * at the end.


If you’re planning to vote for the Hugo, note you can nominate us for Best Fanzine. You can also nominate our authors and their stories. Note that Tow Ubukata’s Mardock: Two Hundred Below, and Ma Boyong’s The City of Silence (link is to part one; part two here), are both novelettes. I personally would be delighted to see either one of these nominated.


* marks first English publication



One thought on “2011 Fiction, plus comment on awards

  1. I went to Renovation last year, and actually just learned that means I get to vote this year!

    I’ll get to work on reading the stories I’ve messed for this year’s ballot.

    Thank you for a lot of good reading.

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