Book highlight: A Polish Book of Monsters

Check out A Polish Book of Monsters, a collection of “five stories of speculative fiction edited and translated from the Polish by Michael Kandel, award-winning translator of the fiction of Stanislaw Lem. From dystopian science fiction to fabled fantasy, these dark tales grip us through the authors’ ability to create utterly convincing alien worlds that nonetheless reflect our own.”

The book contains:

  • ‘Yoo Retoont, Sneogg. Ay Noo’ (org. ‘Wróciee’ Sneogg, wiedziaam…’) by Marek Huberath
  • ‘Key of Passage’ (org. ‘Klucz przej’cia’) by Tomasz Ko’odziejczak
  • ‘The Iron General’ (org. ‘Ruch genera’a’) by Jacek Dukaj
  • ‘A Cage Full of Angels’ (org. ‘Klatka pe’na anio’ów’) by Andrzej Zimniak
  • ‘Spellmaker’ (org. ‘Wied’min’) by Andrzej Sapkowski

One thought on “Book highlight: A Polish Book of Monsters

  1. I’m very excited to see a Kandel translation of “Wiedźmin” — I love Sapkowski’s series, but I’m ambivalent about the ongoing English translation, and can’t recommend it unconditionally to my English-speaking friends. I’m thinking of getting this collection just so that I can lend it to other people. 🙂

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