Lavie Tidhar Interviewed; The Great Game Released

I’m interviewed over at the Nervous Breakdown (apt!) as The Great Game, the third in the Bookman Histories novels, is released.

We’ll come back next week with a new short story (remember, you can submit!) and, if we can finally get around to doing it, the launch of the World SF Bookshop (beta version).

The World SF Blog showcases science fiction writers from around the world and you recently started the World SF Travel Fund, a charity that helps international members of the science fiction, fantasy, and horror community travel to major genre events. As someone with their eye on authors from around the world, what are you noticing regarding non-Anglo speaking writers?

I think it’s not so much the industry but the Internet – the fact that the means of communication have radically changed – which gives people more access. Translations are still pretty much non-existent – though a particular hat tip to Ken Liu, who’s been doing an amazing job translating Chinese short stories recently. But you know, when I look over the last 3 years (since we launched the World SF Blog and published The Apex Book of World SF) it does feel like something has happened. I’d like to think so, at any rate. – read the full interview.


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