Science Fiction in Egypt

Arabic Literature in English has a post on Science Fiction in Egypt: A number of futuristic works of the last few years have tried to inscribe a sort of national story in futuristic books, such as Utopia, by Ahmed Khaled Towfik, (trans. by Chip Rossetti, 2011), Revolution 2053, by Mahmoud Osman (2009), and Donkey Flu, by Amal Sedik Afif (2010).... Continue Reading →

Announcing The Apex Book of World SF 2!

I'm delighted to announce that The Apex Book of World SF 2 is, at long last, available for pre-orders! And we get to reveal the fabulous cover, by Mexican artist  Raúl Cruz. *Preorder and receive the first volume of The Apex Book of World SF for only $5* Scheduled release date of April, 2012 An expedition to an alien planet; Lenin rising... Continue Reading →

2012 Galileo Awards nominees

The Romanian 2012 Galileo Award nominees have been announced: The Best Volume: “The Seasons” (Anotimpurile) by Bogdan-Tudor Bucheru (Millennium Books) “Ink and Blood” (Cerneală și singe) by Ștefana Cristina Czeller (Millennium Books) “DemNet” (DemNet) by Dan Doboș (Media-Tech) “Chronicles from the End of the World” (Cronici de la capătul pămîntului) by Costi Gurgu (Millennium Books) “Alone on Ormuza” (Singur... Continue Reading →

Introducing Hyperpulp

Hyperpulp is a new electronic magazine from Brazil, edited by Alexandre Mandarino. It is a bilingual magazine, publishing the stories in both Portuguese and English. This seems to be becoming more common - see, for instance, the recent French-English web magazine Onirismes - it will be interesting to see if this heralds some new movement in world... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Fiction: “You Cannot Fight the War for Reason: Wearing the Wrong Trousers” by Aditya Bidikar

Today's Tuesday Fiction is by Aditya Bidikar from India.  When he started writing at the age of eleven, Aditya Bidikar wanted to be Edgar Allan Poe when he grew up. He later found out how Poe died, and decided to strike out on his own. You Cannot Fight the War for Reason: Wearing the Wrong Trousers... Continue Reading →

Lavie Tidhar Interviewed; The Great Game Released

I'm interviewed over at the Nervous Breakdown (apt!) as The Great Game, the third in the Bookman Histories novels, is released. We'll come back next week with a new short story (remember, you can submit!) and, if we can finally get around to doing it, the launch of the World SF Bookshop (beta version). The World SF Blog showcases science fiction... Continue Reading →

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