European Steampunk Convention Fundraiser

The European Steampunk Convention is a new initiative to create a European-based steampunk convention. It is currently running a fund-raiser, and is looking to raise $6000.

The Vision

The steampunk scene is active in Europe, more precisely, there are local, regional and in some cases country-wide scene active, but what we lack is something connecting us all. The European Steampunk Convention is there to change this. It will provide a means to bring all the steampunks in Europe together.

And: A lot will happen online, so everybody around the world can join in!

How it will happen:

The steampunk scene is active in Europe, more precisely, there are local, regional and in some cases country-wide scenes but is also Europe is a big and unfortunately politically divided place. It is not always easy or cheap to travel to another country; thus, we are choosing a different approach:

We are bringing the convention to you.

The date for the European Steampunk Convention will be September 29th – 30th 2012. There will be several events all across Europe. One major event will be The Second Steampunk and Gaslight Convention in Luxembourg, another one in Prague . If all goes as planned, there will also be one or several things happening in Spain, France, Germany, Croatia, Italy, Norway, Sweden and Russia.

We are going to stream all these events into the internet so you can join in wherever you are. There will also be bands playing at some locations and we have planned for streaming the concerts, provided we can afford it.

So, all you need is internet access and ideally a webcam. There will be a virtual meeting place for all of us on the internet where we can connect. Of course it is more fun if you are surrounded by friends, but if you are the sole steampunk in your region, you can join us online!

What We Need & What You Get

The places where the events will happen, the technical equipment and the artists we want to hire do not come for free. Some musicians have offered to play just to be part of the event but we still want to give them something for their trouble. Thus: The Funds we raise will go into renting places, getting equipment and booking artists.

You get a unique steampunk event the likes of which has never been attempted before and some goodies, if you choose to chip in.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you are a musician, a DJ, a technician, if you know, own or have access to a great location, get in touch. 
Also, if you can provide mobile internet equipment, your assistance will be much appreciated.

And of course: You can spread the word!

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