Science fiction and fantasy in Iran

Fantasy Academy is an Iranian science fiction and fantasy club devoted to promoting SF/F. They have their own short story contest and related award, and maintain a web site in both Persian and English. They also translate Persian short fiction into English.

The team includes:

  • Amir Sepahram      Administrator, Editor in chief, Translator
  • Behzad Ghadimi     Translator, Editor
  • Somayeh Karami    Translator, Editor
  • Alireza Ghesmati    Translator, Editor
  • Mehdi Samadi        Graphic Designer, Painter

About Fantasy Academy:

Who we are:

Fantasy Academy ( is the most popular Iranian website in its field of activity. It is one of a kind place where thousands gather digitally and form the biggest Persian virtual community of Science-fiction and Fantasy fans. The contents published on Fantasy Academy cover complete a spectrum of these genres, from literature to cinema to comics, from critiques to scientific discussions.

Fantasy Academy is a non-governmental, non-commercial, non-political, independent body and is not related to any organization, party or group.Fantasy Academy is a privately governed community, with no dependence to any governmental body, whatsoever. All activities in Fantasy Academyare non-for-profit.

What we do:

At Fantasy Academy we:

  • Search, find, read and discuss, then translate the best short stories, novels, articles and comics of sci-fi and fantasy world into Persian (Farsi) language
  • Cast hot news of this genre from all around the world
  • Digitally publish Iranian fantasy and sci-fi writer’s artwork on the website
  • Hold a country-wide annual story-writing contest in the genres and introducing award-winners to the community

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