Introducing World Comics

World Comics is a Finnish NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation)  working around the world, organising comics workshops, lectures and exhibitions. The concept of grassroots comics A low-tech communication tool for activists – Community activists can use grassroots comics as an inexpensive communication tool to put forward their views. Activists, who have very little or no experience from drawing,... Continue Reading →

Sue Burke on Fantasy Fiction in Spain

Sue Burke writes on Castles in Spain: fantasy writers and publishers have high hopes: Big changes are on the horizon, and they're going to be good. That's what many Spanish fantasy authors and publishers believe. Fantasy is luring more and more readers, and soon, they hope, Spanish readers will believe that "made in Spain" novels and... Continue Reading →

Science Fiction in the United Arab Emirates

The National reports on YA science fiction in the United Arab Emirates: It was back in September 2009 that The National reported that teenage fiction in Arabic "doesn't exist". Publisher Dareen Charafeddine, of the Sharjah-based Arabic publishing house Kalimat, said: "If you find any [such books], they are very traditional. Nobody knows how to write for this... Continue Reading →

New Singapore Speculative Fiction Anthology – Call for Submissions

FISH EATS LION: NEW SINGAPOREAN SPECULATIVE FICTION Math Paper Press and editor Jason Erik Lundberg are looking for new and innovative short fiction for an original anthology of speculative fiction (which includes science fiction and fantasy, as well as any associated subgenres, such as magic realism, space opera, steampunk, post-apocalypse, etc.) with a Singaporean flavor. Anchor contributors for... Continue Reading →

European Steampunk Convention Fundraiser

The European Steampunk Convention is a new initiative to create a European-based steampunk convention. It is currently running a fund-raiser, and is looking to raise $6000. The Vision The steampunk scene is active in Europe, more precisely, there are local, regional and in some cases country-wide scene active, but what we lack is something connecting... Continue Reading →

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