Lily Herne novels coming to the UK

I was delighted to find out yesterday that Lily Herne‘s novels, Deadlands and Death of a Saint, published in South Africa by Penguin, have been picked up at the London Book Fair by Constable & Robinson, under their Corsair imprint, for UK and Commonwealth publication in 2013.

Herne is a pseudonym of author Sarah Lotz (who, together with Louis Greenberg, wrote South African horror novel The Mall, as S.L. Grey) and her daughter Savannah.

Deadlands is a young adult zombie novel set in Cape Town. It has been described as “South Africa’s first zombie novel” and as “the South African Hunger Games with zombies”.

I have been incredibly interested in these books for a time, and am delighted to hear they will soon reach a wider audience!


3 thoughts on “Lily Herne novels coming to the UK

  1. Deadlands is just fantastic. Great teen-fighting zombie fun with mall-raiding teen heroes. The Hunger Games meets The Walking Dead with a sly, brilliant social commentary.

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