Internova update and call for volunteers

There seems to be a sudden explosion in international SF magazines, with the latest being International Speculative Fiction – check it out, they’ve just published Aliette de Bodard’s Butterfly, Falling at Dawn!

The first such magazine, however – the guys who inspired me to eventually edit The Apex Book of World SF and start the World SF Blog – is InterNova, edited by Michael Iwoleit from Germany. InterNova was first published in print, with only one – yet revolutionary – issue, but has since been relaunched as a web magazine.

It publishes a wide range of fiction and non-fiction from all over the world, and is looking to continue to grow. Michael writes:

The international science fiction e-zine InterNova ( is facing a major upgrade. In recent months the magazine has almost doubled its audience. To provide a better service for its readers editor Michael K. Iwoleit plans a design and functionality rework of the site and more regular uploads. To make the best of the magazine, however, InterNova is looking for further volunteer collaborators. Especially wanted are native English proofreaders who are willing to read two or three stories each months. There are also plans to open a Spanish and a French section of InterNova to provide part of the magazine’s content in these languages too. To make it happen, the support of volunteer English-to-Spanish and English-to-French translators and of proofreaders in both languages will be required. InterNova also appreciates contacts with correpondents who could provide news about the sf production in their country or region. If you’re interested in a collaboration please contact editor Michael K. Iwoleit at <>


2 thoughts on “Internova update and call for volunteers

  1. I’m very skeptical about the idea of high-quality unpaid translation… I’ve seen much larger organizations struggle with this, even when the texts in question were technical rather than literary.

    Inter Nova is strangely silent about their pay rates, do they pay authors at all? I’ve been looking for international stories published in 2012 to review, so their issues would be right up my alley, but I only review paid venues.

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