On Science Fiction in Hindi

Over at Internova, an excellent article on Science Fiction in Hindi, by Arvind Mishra and Manish Mohan Gore:

The first boom in genre SF writing in Hindi took place in the 1970s with the appearance on the scene of prolific writers like Kailash Sah, Maya Prasad Tripathi, Shukdev Prasad, Rajeshwar Gangavar and Devendra Mawadi who among others regularly contributed to the enrichment of Hindi genre SF writing. Devendra Mewadi’s contributions inspired many younger writers, including the authors of this write-up, to the wonderful world of Hindi SF writing. His two anthologies ‘Bhavisya’ (1994) and Kokh (1998) are immensely popular among Hindi readers.

The SF writers of the 1970s set the stage of genre SF writing and the trend now became almost a mainstay in Hindi literature. But SF writing by and large still did not enjoy due consideration by the literary Hindi circles. The scenario called for an organized effort to popularize Hindi SF writing amongst not only the limited readers of the genre but also amongst Hindi literati and a campaign to this effect was initiated by the first author in the late 1980s, culminating in the establishment of a fully fledged SF writers’ organization – Indian Science Fiction Writers’ Association (ISFWA) in 1995 as an autonomous body registered under the societies registration act, 1860. ISFWA brings out ‘Vigyan Katha’, a quarterly which has been fully devoted to SF since 2002 under the main editorship of Dr. R.R. Upadhyaya. – read the full article.


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  1. Thanks for referencing this important article. I wonder if the ISFWA folks are thinking of creating a library (perhaps at some university) of the works cited, especially the short stories that are scattered in different magazines. It would be wonderful to have wider accessibility to these works so hopefully some retrospective anthologies might be coming up?

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