RIP Roland C. Wagner (1960-2012)

I was horrified to find out that French writer Roland C. Wagner had died unexpectedly in a car crash on Sunday in Gironde, France. Wagner’s wife, the science fiction writer Sylvie Denis, was in the car along with the couple’s 18 year old daughter. Both were taken to hospital with injuries but are recovering.

Roland e-mailed me only a few weeks ago to let me know about a new English-language blog on French science fiction that he was planning to publish.

Our thoughts are with Roland’s wife and daughter.

Roland C. Wagner, 1960-2012

From Locus:

Wagner wrote more than 50 novels and 100 stories. His series Les Futurs Mystères de Paris (The Future Mysteries of Paris) combined elements of noir, near-future SF, and fantastique. Other notable works include near-future political thriller La Saison de la sorcière (The Season of Magic, 2003), space opera Le Temps du voyage (Time of Travel, 2005), and several alternate histories, including HPL (1890-1991) (1997), an alternate-history biography of H.P. Lovecraft, and Rêves de Gloire (Dreams of Glory, 2011), about Albert Camus and the French-Algerian war. Wagner also edited anthologies, and translated a great deal of English-language SF into French.


One thought on “RIP Roland C. Wagner (1960-2012)

  1. This is terrible news! He was one of the first French SF writers that I discovered. I greatly enjoyed his way of combining humor with good stories. I’m even more sad now that I see he was planning an English-language blog about French SF. There is so much of it that is good, and as he says, sometimes so very different from English SF, but most of it never gets translated.

    At least I still have many books of his that I have yet to read.

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