New Reviews for The Apex Book of World SF 2

More reviews of The Apex Book of World SF 2 keep coming in. At Val’s Random Comments:

The Apex Book of Word SF 2 is bigger, more geographically balanced and, if possible, more diverse than its predecessor. I’m impressed with Lavie’s selection and the work it must have taken to collect these stories from all over the planet … The Apex Book of Word SF 2 aims to show the genre in all its diversity and tries to show that it is much more widespread than the English language world. In that respect it succeeds admirably. Not all stories in this collection work equally well for me but collectively they make a statement. Even in the days of instant communication, the world is larger and stranger than any one of us can possibly imagine. This anthology gives us a taste of it and invites us to explore the world of science fiction in the widest possible sense of the word. Working with such a fuzzy concept as world SF can’t have been easy but Lavie has managed to create an anthology that no fan of the genre should ignore. I suggest you go do some exploring of your own.

And at Requires Only That You Hate:

This is a collection of 26 (!) stories and, as far as I can tell, this is one of the more truly diverse, global anthologies in genre–if not easily the most, what with there being writers in here who aren’t from the US … As always with anthologies, the quality’s uneven, but as far as sheer range (not only in nationalities but subjects and styles), there’s nothing to criticize. It includes a lot of content for the money, including but not limited to Rochita Loenen-Ruiz’s excellent “Alternate Girl’s Expatriate Life.”

The reviewers focus on different stories, and highlight, besides “Alternate Girl’s Expatriate Life”, Daliso Chaponda’s “Trees of Bone”, Joyce Chng’s “The Sound of Breaking Glass”, Csilla Kleinheincz’s “A Single Year”, Shweta Narayan’s “Nira and I”, Jaques Barcia’s “A Life Made Possible Behind the Barricades”, Ekaterina Sedia’s “Zombie Lenin” (“easily the star of the collection”), Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s “Maquech”, and Daniel Salvo’s “The First Peruvian in Space”.

You can buy your copy of The Apex Book of World SF 2 directly from the publisher, or via Amazon or Amazon UK.


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