Weird Fiction Review profiles Luigi Ugolini

Over at Weird Fiction Review, Brendan Connell profiles Italian writer Luigi Ugolini:

Luigi Ugolini (1891 – 1980) was an Italian writer who garnered an international reputation for his short stories. Early on, Ugolini wrote articles and tales for newspapers. Later he dedicated himself almost exclusively to fiction for young people, which included works of historical biography and a sequel toPinocchio. He also worked as an illustrator, notable especially for work on a number of Jules Verne novels. A compelling tale of weird transformation, “The Vegetable Man” was originally published in 1917 in an Italian publication whose title translates as The Illustrated Journal of Travel and Adventure Over Land and Sea. Brendan and Anna Connell’s skilful translation of the story for The Weird is the first in the English language. Brendan Connell has lent further insights on this story, deriving valuable context for reading not just from the author’s experience and viewpoints, but also from the spirit of the times in which he wrote. – continue reading.


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