Recommendation: Death Sentences by Kawamata Chiaki

I recently received a review copy of Japanese author Kawamata Chiaki's classic 1984 novel, Death Sentences, translated by Thomas Lamarre and Kazuko Y. Behrens and published by the University of Minnesota Press. I've been raving about this book on Twitter recently. It's absolutely fantastic - a mixture of Philip K. Dick, Raymond Chandler and Surrealism: the story of a... Continue Reading →

Short Story Highlight: “Terminós” by Dean Francis Alfar

We featured one of Dean Francis Alfar's stories yesterday, and here's another! From the latest issue of Expanded Horizons: Terminós: Mr. Henares thinks about time From the moment he opened his eyes in the morning to the instant before he fell asleep alone at night, Mr. Henares thought only about time. He reflected about how time slowed... Continue Reading →

Announcing Europa SF

Europa SF is a new portal for science fiction and fantasy news from all around Europe. Currently on the site is a report on SF/F in Lithuania; Hungary SF Summary 2012; German SF in the New Millennium, and much more! The Europa SF team is: Ahrvid Engholm – Sweden Antuza Genescu – Romania Aleksandar Ziljak –... Continue Reading →

Angel G. Angelov’s The Act of Walking on Water (Bulgaria)

Over at Locus Roundtable, Harry Markov discusses Angel G. Angelov's 1009 short story collection The Act of Walking on Water: Despite my good intentions, I have never served as a connoisseur of international fiction, given I own a small tomb of books I’ve been building since I first started reading in English. English still possesses... Continue Reading →

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