Announcing Europa SF

Europa SF is a new portal for science fiction and fantasy news from all around Europe.

Currently on the site is a report on SF/F in Lithuania; Hungary SF Summary 2012; German SF in the New Millennium, and much more!

The Europa SF team is:

Ahrvid Engholm – Sweden
Antuza Genescu – Romania
Aleksandar Ziljak – Croatia
Cristian Tamas – Romania
Frank Beckers – Belgium
George Sotirhos – Greece
Jan van’t Ent – Holland
Juhan Habicht – Estonia
Lina Kulikauskienė – Lithuania
Marian Truta – Romania
Roberto Mendes – Portugal – Hungary
Sven Kloepping – Germany

From their editorial:

You are invited to take part in a project that we consider more than necessary: the building of a European platform dedicated to all SF communities in Europe.

Essentially, this is where things stand currently in Europe: we have no idea what other European communities do. This may sound a tad categorical, but we must admit that to take the pulse of the SF communities in our neighbouring countries is not an easy task to fulfil. What new authors have been published in one country or another? What SF&F events are taking place in one country or another? What conventions will be held on our continent in the near future? And so on…

On a personal level, through direct contacts, things may seem better. If we want to know what’s going on in a community from another country, we just send an email to someone we know there and wait for their reply. Then, the information received will reach a small circle of fans. Best case scenario, the person who has requested this information will write an article about it and post it on a site or publish it in a printed magazine in his or her country.

EUROPA SF wants to bring the members of the European fandom together to build a continental-scale data network. Editors, writers, fans, anyone with an interest in SF will be able to see what is happening in any European country and will inform, in turn, the entire SF community about their own major conventions.

Check them out!


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