The World SF Travel Fund needs YOU!

As I type this we're 44% funded on the World SF Travel Fund fundraiser, but we dearly need the help to get to 100%! The Fund is set up to enable international genre professionals (writers, editors, translators, bloggers) to travel to a major convention - essentially the World Fantasy Convention, with which we've been aligned)... Continue Reading →

With Both Feet in the Clouds: on Israeli Fantasy

At $75 for the hardcover edition, this is a bit expensive, but this new academic collection of essays on Israeli fantasy, first published in different form in Hebrew in 2009, is now out in an English-language edition from Academic Studies Press.   Blurb: Why do Israelis dislike fantasy? Put so bluntly, the question appears frivolous.... Continue Reading →

Yoko Ogawa’s Revenge!

Released today in the States is Japanese author Yoko Ogawa's new collection, Revenge - check out the blurb - and the trailer - below! Sinister forces collide---and unite a host of desperate characters---in this eerie cycle of interwoven tales from Yoko Ogawa, the critically acclaimed author of The Housekeeper and the Professor. An aspiring writer moves... Continue Reading →

Joyce Chng on YA in Singapore

Over at Visibility Fiction, Joyce Chng talks about writing YA and speculative fiction in Singapore. Here's an excerpt: Lack of exposure and the tendency for Westerners to fix Asians in pigeonholes are not helping the situation. What are Southeast Asians supposed to write about? Literary fiction about oppressive regimes, sad cultural traditions, tortured souls (who... Continue Reading →

Table of Contents – We See a Different Frontier & Aliens: Recent Encounters

Here are two anthologies in 2013 which feature a diverse set of writers and topics. First off, we have We See A Different Frontier edited by Ajibril al-Ayad and Fabio Fernandes: Preface by Aliette de Bodard Introduction by Fabio Fernandes The Arrangement of Their Parts, Shweta Narayan Pancho Villa’s Flying Circus, Ernest Hogan Them Ships,... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Fiction: “On the Feast of Stephen” by Cyril Simsa

Today's Tuesday Fiction is by Cyril Simsa. Cyril Simsa is originally from London, but has lived in the Czech Republic since the 1990s. He has contributed translations and non-fiction to a wide variety of genre publications (including Foundation, Locus, The Encyclopedia of Fantasy, and Wormwood). His stories have appeared in Electric Velocipede, StarShipSofa, Music for... Continue Reading →

BSFA Award

I'm delighted to say we've been nominated for a BSFA Award in the non-fiction category! And very happy to see two international writers, Aliette de Bodard (France) and Rochita Loenen-Ruiz (Philippines) in the short fiction category. Best Novel Dark Eden by Chris Beckett (Corvus) Empty Space: a Haunting by M. John Harrison (Gollancz) Intrusion by Ken Macleod (Orbit)... Continue Reading →

Guy Hasson’s The Emoticon Generation Released

Israeli author Guy Hasson's new collection has just been published by Infinity Plus Books. Guy Hasson’s The Emoticon Generation features seven stories about life-changes brought about by our new electronic generation: stories that blur the borders between our world and science fiction, stories that make you ask, ‘Has this already happened? Is that actually true?’... Continue Reading →

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