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We recently received an emailed from Geetanjali Dighe of Mumbai, India, who started a new digital magazine. Here’s what he they said:

Indian SF is a free to read digital magazine featuring Speculative Fiction (SF) stories. SF broadly stands for Science Fiction and Fantasy. It is published from Mumbai, India.

Indian SF welcomes writers from all across the world, but wants to especially encourage Indian writers / writers of Indian origin.

Indian SF pays INR 750/- for original fiction and to the featured digital artist.

The Jan-Feb 2013 issue is the very first one. It features some re-published stories and original fiction and non-fiction.

And here’s the current table of contents:

Flash Fiction:
X Marks the Spot by Kat Otis
Two men follow a treasure map and get more than they bargained for.

Short Stories:
Staying Behind by Ken Liu
Those that have uploaded to machines try to steal children.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf by Ram V
There is more to the wolves that the boy sees in his dreams.

Goddess by Lavanya Karthik
A man finds a Goddess with three heads in Bhopal after the ‘Gas’.

With the writer and artist of Legends of Aveon 9 comic

Book Reviews:
Payal Dhar’s Satin – A Stitch in Time
Anil Menon’s The Beast With Nine Billion Feet
Reviewed by Mandar Talvekar

Digital Art:
A few Digital Art images (and cover) by Stephan Hurlmann


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