World SF Blog win Kitschies Award!

I’m delighted to say that last night we – unexpectedly! – won the “Black Tentacle” Award at the Kitschies Award ceremony held in London.

The Kitschies are presented to “the year’s most progressive, intelligent and entertaining works that contain elements of the speculative or fantastic.” The Black Tentacle is “a special achievement award. It is handed out at the discretion of The Kitschies’ board, which is comprised of editors, authors, marketers and social entrepreneurs. The prize is awarded for a work or body of work that does not otherwise fit The Kitschies’ criteria.”

2013 Kitschies Award Ceremony, London


Here is, roughly, what I said:

If I had to describe the World SF Blog, I would call it an argument, but one that is slowly turning into a conversation. I’m very grateful to the Kitschies Award for choosing to highlight it this year.

I’d like to thank Charles Tan, who has been instrumental behind the scenes on the blog from its inception; and our past and present fiction editors, Debbie Moorhouse and Sarah Newton.

Finally, my thanks are due to the unsung hero behind this whole project, Jason Sizemore, who made it all possible by first commissioning The Apex Book of World SF. Without Jason’s support and encouragement through the years, I doubt I would be standing here right now.

Thank you.

The “Golden Tentacle” Award, for debut novel, went to author Karen Lord of Barbados.


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  1. This year’s Black Tentacle is striped: black, red and gold. It felt thematically appropriate to the role of the prize, but it was also just an awesome looking fabric.

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