Tuesday Fiction: “Prudence and the Dragon” by Zen Cho

Today's Tuesday Fiction is by Zen Cho from Malaysia.  Zen Cho is a Malaysian writer living in London. Her short stories have appeared in various publications including Strange Horizons, GigaNotoSaurus, Steam-Powered II and Heiresses of Russ. Her work has been nominated for the Selangor Young Talent Awards and the Pushcart Prize. She blogs at http://qian.dreamwidth.org/.... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Fiction: “Dali’s Clocks” by Dave Hutchinson

Today's Tuesday Fiction is by Dave Hutchinson from the United Kingdom. Dave Hutchinson is the author of five collections of short stories and one novel, the co-editor of one anthology and the editor of two more. His novella 'The Push' was shortlisted for the BSFA Award for short fiction. A former journalist, he was born... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Fiction: “Fear and Loathing in Deptford” by K.A. Laity

Today's Tuesday Fiction is by K.A. Laity from the USA.  K. A. Laity is the award-winning author of Pelzmantel and Other Medieval Tales of Magic and the forthcoming Owl Stretching (both from Immanion Press) as well as Unikirja, a collection of short stories and a play based on Finnish myths and legend, for which she won... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Fiction: “You Cannot Fight the War for Reason: Wearing the Wrong Trousers” by Aditya Bidikar

Today's Tuesday Fiction is by Aditya Bidikar from India.  When he started writing at the age of eleven, Aditya Bidikar wanted to be Edgar Allan Poe when he grew up. He later found out how Poe died, and decided to strike out on his own. You Cannot Fight the War for Reason: Wearing the Wrong Trousers... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Fiction: “Cosmic Love” by Harry Markov

Today's Tuesday Fiction is by Harry Markov from Bulgaria. Harry Markov is a writer, reviewer and columnist with a predominant interest in the weird, the fantastic and the horrifying. His non-fiction has appeared in Innsmouth Free Press, Beyond Victoriana, The Portal, Pornokitsch and The World SF blog. Most recently he has become an assistant to... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Fiction: “Clay Cast Cats” by TCA Lakshmi Narasimhan

Today's Tuesday Fiction is by TCA Lakshmi Narasimhan from India. Narasimhan is an engineering student who grew up with Tolkien, Asimov and a generous dose of Role Playing Games. His short-term goal is to create a Steampunk universe set in old Calcutta. This is the story's first publication. Clay Cast Cats TCA Lakshmi Narasimhan It was... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Fiction: “A Hundred Thousand Armstrongs” by Zoltán László

Today's Tuesday Fiction is by Zoltán László from Hungary.  Zoltán László’s first short story was published in 1999. Since then two dozen further short stories have been published in Hungarian SF&F magazines, periodicals and anthologies (for example Galaktika, Átjáró, Roham, Csillagszálló). He has also written four novels in various sub-genres like a mix of cyberpunk and... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Fiction: “Kolkata Sea” by Indrapramit Das

Today's Tuesday Fiction is by Indrapramit Das from India. Indrapramit Das is a writer and artist from Kolkata, India, currently living in Vancouver, Canada. His fiction has appeared in Apex Magazine, Flash Fiction Online, Redstone Science Fiction, and New Scientist CultureLab, and is forthcoming in The Speculative Ramayana Anthology (Zubaan Books, India). He has written reviews... Continue Reading →

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