Welcome to the World SF Blog. The blog, dedicated to posting "links, news and original content related to science fiction, fantasy, horror and comics from around the world", was a near-daily blog operating continuously from February 2009 to June 2013, for over four years. The blog was published by Lavie Tidhar, with associate editor Charles... Continue Reading →

A Last Word

I started the World SF Blog in February of 2009 - a century in Internet time! - partly as an excuse to promote my then-forthcoming anthology of international speculative fiction, The Apex Book of World SF - but mostly out of what can only be described as an ideological drive, a desire to highlight and... Continue Reading →

Selected Features

Over the past four years we've run a selection of articles, guest posts and round tables exclusive to the blog. Here is a small selection: Non-Western SF Roundtable (Part 1) Non-Western SF Roundtable (Part 2) (Global) Women in SF Round Table Australian SF Round Table Round Table: On Environment and Background, Part One Round Table: Environment and Background, Part... Continue Reading →

Selected Interviews

Over the past four years we've run a plethora of exclusive interviews. Here is a small selection: Interview with Blaft Publications of India Portuguese Dagon Magazine and Roberto Mendes Indian author Samit Basu interview Finnish author Hannu Rajaniemi Romanian author Sebastian A. Corn British author Richard Calder interview Greek author and editor Athena Andreadis Haikasoru editor Nick Mamatas Russian author Lena Meydan... Continue Reading →


Since 2010, we have published a total of 61 stories and 1 novella. We published authors from 30 countries. We published 23 original stories published for the first time, or for the first time in English, on the World SF Blog. Here is out full list of short fiction published on the World SF Blog. FICTION LINE-UP (from October 26th, 2010,... Continue Reading →

Aliette de Bodard wins a Nebula

Congratulations to Aliette de Bodard for winning a Nebula Award for Best Short Story, for Immersion. This is something of a historical win as, as far as we can ascertain, Aliette is the first ever European writer to win a Nebula in the entire history of the award. Congratulations to Aliette and here's hoping for the continuation of greater diversity... Continue Reading →

Giveaway winners

The winners of our Silvia Moreno-Garcia Week giveaway - chosen at random - are number 6: Pete and number 17) Bret. Congratulations! You will be contacted shortly. We'll be back tomorrow with a new short story.

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