Words Without Borders December 2009: Internationational Science Fiction

Check out this month's Words Without Borders, which has a focus on international science fiction. It includes works from Stanislaw Lem, Tomasz Kołodziejczak, Olga Slavnikova, Zoran Živković, Hiroshi Yamamoto, Machado de Assis, Liu Cixin, Tomasz Kołodziejczak, Pablo A. Castro, Muhammad Husain Jah, José Eugenio Sánchez, and Carmen Firan. I'd also like to thank all the... Continue Reading →

Short Fiction Summaries, 2009: Clarkesworld

Charles here, stealing this blog while Lavie's temporarily away. Unfortunately, in terms of fiction, according to Lavie's definitions, only he qualifies. Clarkesworld Magazine: The Dying World, Lavie Tidhar, Issue #31 April 2009. However, in terms of cover art, there's a couple of international artists that we'd like to highlight: Evil Snowman, Serj Iulian, Issue #28... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Adrenergic! by Sebastian A. Corn

Adrenergic! by Sebastian A. Corn Format: Paperback, 112 pages Publisher: Millennium Press Review by Mihai Adascalitei Sebastian A. Corn is one of the most important Romanian science fiction authors, with 7 novels awarded by the Romanian speculative fiction community and with important appearances on the speculative fiction magazines. “Adrenergic!” is a novella first published in... Continue Reading →

Apex Book of World SF Interview Series #10: Jamil Nasir

The tenth in our interview series with Apex Book of World SF contributors, conducted by Charles Tan and published over at SF Signal. And this time, it’s Jamil Nasir: Paradoxically as a result of the fabulous success of science, science has perpetrated a kind of intellectual imperialism on modern thought, especially in the West.  Metaphysics - which is... Continue Reading →

What Rima Abunasser Has Been Reading (or Watching)

Rima Abunasser, an Assistant Professor  who teaches Eighteenth-Century British Literature and Culture, Contemporary American Popular Culture, Science Fiction and Fantasy, Literature of the Arab World, and the Feminist Literary Tradition  at Furman University, is currently guest-blogging at Ecstatic Days. She shares what she's currently reading and watching. Here's an excerpt: Emile Habiby’s The Secret Life... Continue Reading →

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