2009 summaries: Expanded Horizons

Expanded Horizons have just posted their list of 2009 stories by international writers - I'll just quote from their post: This list only includes people from non-Anglo-Saxon countries or people who immigrated to said countries (but not people whose parents did) either as adults or as children. American/UK/etc. expats are not included. People from Anglophonic... Continue Reading →

Short fiction summaries, 2009: Asimov’s & F&SF

Prompted by a conversation with Jeff Ford, we thought we’d take a look at what stories have been published in 2009 from people who could be termed world SF writers. We’re focusing on people from outside of the traditional Anglophone world (so no US, UK, English-speaking Canada or Australia – all of whom have an... Continue Reading →

Short Fiction Summaries, 2009: Clarkesworld

Charles here, stealing this blog while Lavie's temporarily away. Unfortunately, in terms of fiction, according to Lavie's definitions, only he qualifies. Clarkesworld Magazine: The Dying World, Lavie Tidhar, Issue #31 April 2009. However, in terms of cover art, there's a couple of international artists that we'd like to highlight: Evil Snowman, Serj Iulian, Issue #28... Continue Reading →

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