Romanian anthology Steampunk: The Second Revolution reviewed

Radu Romaniuc has written an extensive review of the Romanian steampunk anthology Steampunk: The Second Revolution, edited by Adrian Craciun. So why is this book interesting? Well, it tries to align the Romanian fandom (which this book represents) with the bigger, and richer, Anglo-American fandom. We write Steampunk too, if that's where the genre's at. So say the... Continue Reading →


Romanian Steampunk!

Steampunk seems to be everywhere these days, from novels to short story anthologies in English. And a while back we reported on the first Brazilian anthology of steampunk. Now comes news of the first ever Romanian steampunk anthology! Edited by Adrian Crăciun, the anthology will be published by Millennium Books in Romania and include stories from: Aron... Continue Reading →

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