S.L. Grey: Writing Genre Fiction in South Africa (Author Week #3)

Writing genre fiction in South Africa  S.L. Grey (Louis Greenberg and Sarah Lotz) The other day at a literary festival event (one of the rare occasions when both halves of S.L. Grey have been trundled out in public in the same room) the panel was asked whether South Africa should have its own genre imprint.... Continue Reading →

Original Content: Interview with S.L. Grey (Author Week #3)

An Interview with S.L. Grey By Harry Markov HM: I’ve read the majority of your interviews over the Internet to get a better of sense of what has been asked and try to outdo that. You’ve shared that your combined hatred for malls gave birth to “The Mall.” What about malls pushes your buttons? S:... Continue Reading →

Joseph Mwella on “It’s cheap to say African writers idolise the West”

Kenya's The Nation has a fascinating new article by Joseph Mwella on African writing and Western expectations: On July 28, on this page appeared an article about how Kenyan writers and readers allegedly idolise the West. The article started by quoting extensively, a review by the Economist on Binyavanga Wainaina’sOne Day I Will Write About This... Continue Reading →

The African Batman?

Bombastic Element reports on a new DC superhero - Batwing, "spawned from Bruce Wayne's desire to franchise the Batman name across the globe." Batwing's name is David Zamvimbi from Tinasha in the DRC and he will be wearing the cape for the time being as "Africa's Batman". Batwing Issue #1was part of DC comics' historic relaunch of 52... Continue Reading →

New Kenyan Superhero Movie, LEO

Indiewire has an article on new Kenyan superhero movie Leo: Directed by Jinna Mutune, Leo, as Bunmi at A Bombastic Element succinctly puts it, is “a film about a Kenyan boy dreaming of becoming a comic book superhero… Though the boy ends up realizing he is a different kind hero.” The film’s website has this as an official synopsis: ... a charming... Continue Reading →

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