Analog, June 2011

The stories in Analog's June issue seem squarely aimed at readers who enjoy tales of clever engineers and scientists bravely solving engineering problems while complaining about the difficulty of doing things for public relations purposes. "Energized" by Edward M. Lerner, is the first part of a four-part serialized story.  In the aftermath of a global energy... Continue Reading →

Analog, May 2011

All of the six stories are reasonably well written, but overall the May issue failed to invoke much of a sense of wonder for me.  Some of the stories feel dated in style and content compared to fiction being published in other genre markets. "Ellipses" by Ron Collins is the story of a writer who... Continue Reading →

Analog, March 2011

The March 2011 issue explores possibilities in the interaction between humans and robots, humans and aliens, and humans and our own social taboos, and the stories included feature time travel, nanotechnology, genetic mutation, and even the evolution of timeshares, which are no longer just condos on the beach. “Rule Book” by Paul Carlson, the first... Continue Reading →

New Spanish novella to appear in Analog!

SFScope reports that Spanish writer Domingo Santos has sold a novella to Analog, to be translated by editor Stanley Schmidt himself: Analog editor Stanley Schmidt tells us he's completed translating a novella called "The First Day of Eternity", by Spanish author and editor Domingo Santos. Schmidt expects to publish the story in Analog's January/February 2011... Continue Reading →

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