Strange Horizons Reviews Anil Menon’s The Beast with Nine Billion Feet

L. Timmel Duchamp over at Strange Horizons reviews Anil Menon's The Beast with Nine Billion Feet. Here's an excerpt: The Beast with Nine Billion Feet tells a story in which the characters' personal lives and relationships become inextricably braided into an ideological conflict pitting two takes on the material consequences of biotechnology in bitter opposition...... Continue Reading →

Gender debate

Over at Rebellious Jezebel, blogger Jha takes Nuno Fonseca (for his editorial here this week) and Luis Filipe Silva (for his response) to task on their treatment of gender, saying in part: Well, yes, of course arguing the lack of representation in spec fic is a goddamn personal thing. Fuck the male privilege horse you... Continue Reading →

From Dune to Cyberabad

An interesting article now online, originally published in the Business Standard, Dec. 8: From Dune to Cyberabad. Focuses on both Indian SF and Western interpretations of India in science fiction, with a focus on Ian McDonald and a discussion mentioning Samit Basu, Anil Menon and others. If a future historian were to examine the ways... Continue Reading →

Apex Book of World SF Interview Series #7: Anil Menon

The seventh in our interview series with Apex Book of World SF contributors, conducted by Charles Tan and published over at SF Signal. And this time, it’s Anil Menon: With exceptions like Vandana Singh, why do you think Indian speculative fiction isn't as popular as it should be internationally? With the Internet and globalization, do you see that... Continue Reading →

Anil Menon Sums up the Indian Speculative Writing Workshop

Anil Menon posts his impressions from the recently-concluded Indian writing workshop held at the Kanpur Institute of Technology (IIT-K), which he ran. Part One is here, and Part Two here.We went around the room and introduced ourselves, in anti-clockwise order (the Lesson Plan was very definite on that). In order: Anil, Shish, Kaushik, Pervin, Manish,... Continue Reading →

Vandana Singh reporting from the Indian SF/F Writing Workshop

As we may have mentioned earlier, there is currently a workshop on writing science fiction and fantasy being hosted at IIT-Kanpur in India, run by [Apex Book of World SF contributor] Anil Menon, Vandana Singh and Suchitra Mathur. Vandana Singh is currently blogging from the workshop, beginning with her arrivial and the first couple of days:Needless to say,... Continue Reading →

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