Crossed Genres Year Two

Submitting to Crossed Genres is an interesting exercise in interpretation and limiting one’s creativity – every month, there is a theme, and submissions should fit the theme of any given month. The themes are interpreted in a variety of ways, so it’s pretty exciting to see what comes out of any given theme. A small... Continue Reading →

Imaginários 3

After a few years of apparent stagnation, the speculative fiction market has been gaining strength in Brazil, with top publishers bringing foreign authors, and independent publishers opening the door for local ones. There are exceptions, but that’s how most publishers operate. Imaginários 3, from Draco Pub. Co, is a fantasy, science fiction and horror collection... Continue Reading →

Bulgarian Science Fiction and Fantasy: Boutique Publishing in SFF Fan Clubs. Review of the commemorative book “With the Name of Ivan Efremov”

1. Boutique Publishing A unique language spoken in a single small country is a blessing and a curse, because it is a core element of the national identity, but it also puts writers and fans in isolation and in a seemingly hopeless uphill battle with the tide of translated fiction. Unfortunately, a small country also... Continue Reading →

Rigor Amortis

For those who like their romances literally mushy, Rigor Amortis, edited by Jaym Gates and Erika Holt, collects an anthology of flash fiction pieces, interspersed with the occasional poem, all centered on zombies and erotica/romance. Actually, it would be fairer to say that the stories concern relationships and zombies because not all content within the... Continue Reading →

Italy: a leftist anthology of short stories to help build a better country

In a very harrowing historical and political period for Italy, well known Italian SF authors, along with beginners, offer their literary contribution to a legitimate longing for the freedom that seems to be missing in everyday life in this country. Ambigue utopie: 19 racconti di fantaresistenza (loosely translated Ambiguous Utopia: 19 science-fiction resistance short stories)... Continue Reading →

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