Why Arab Readers Need Sci Fi: 5 Questions with SF Author Noura Noman

Fascinating interview in Arablit with new Arabic SF writer Noura Noman. AL: Do you think science fiction could (should, will?) have a wider Arabic-reading audience? What will help grow the audience for Arabic sci fi? NN: From the response I have had on twitter, and from the handful of young writers who said they read it... Continue Reading →


Monday Original Content: Ahmed Khaled Towfik Interview

Cheryl Morgan interviews Egyptian writer Ahmed Khaled Towfik. Originally published in Locus. Ahmed Khaled Towfik Interview  By Cheryl Morgan Ahmed Khaled Towfik is one of the most prolific authors in Egypt, having written over 500 books. A trained doctor himself, he specializes in medical thrillers and horror, but he has also written science fiction and it... Continue Reading →

Arabic Science Fiction: A Journey Into the Unknown

Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar writes on Arabic Science Fiction: A Journey into the Unknown: This past decade has seen a shift in the Arab zeitgeist. There is an acute confidence among creators and audiences which is propelling Arabic sci-fi forward. Over the past years, more writers, filmmakers, artists and many others have utilized the genre in... Continue Reading →

Science Fiction in Egypt

Arabic Literature in English has a post on Science Fiction in Egypt: A number of futuristic works of the last few years have tried to inscribe a sort of national story in futuristic books, such as Utopia, by Ahmed Khaled Towfik, (trans. by Chip Rossetti, 2011), Revolution 2053, by Mahmoud Osman (2009), and Donkey Flu, by Amal Sedik Afif (2010).... Continue Reading →

Working Bibliography of Arab SF/Fantasy

Over at Eastwords, a working bibliography of Arab science fiction and fantasy! It's quite short at the moment, but here's hoping it grows. Also includes works by Apex Book of World SF contributor Jamil Nasir. Mustafa Mahmud The Spider (1964) A Man Under Zero Egypt (1967) Mohammed Aziz al-Habbabi The Elixir Morocco (1974) Mohammed Abdelsalam al-Baqqali The Blue... Continue Reading →

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