Short Story Highlight: “Salvaging Gods” by Jacques Barcia

The latest issue of Clarkesworld Magazine features none other than Brazilian writer Jacques Barcia, with his first - but hopefully not last! - story there, Salvaging Gods. Gorette found her second godhead buried under piles of plastic bottles, holy symbols, used toilet paper and the severed face of an avatar. No matter how much the... Continue Reading →

A Report on Brazil’s 4th Fantasycon

Over at the Apex blog, Christopher Kastensmidt reports on the 4th annual Fantasycon in São Paulo, Brazil: This last weekend (the last weekend in August) I participated in Fantasticon 2010: IV Symposium of Fantastic Literature in São Paulo.  This impressive event, dedicated exclusively to speculative fiction literature, gathered together most of Brazil’s top SF editors and... Continue Reading →

Monday Original Content: Interview with Misha’El, author of Qedem

This week's original content, Charles Tan interviews Brazilian author Misha'El, author of the Spanish-language science fiction novel Qedem. About the author: * Misha´El Yehudá, born in the neighborhood of Bethlehem in São Paulo in the Gregorian year 1966, is multi-instrumentalist musician (Trumpet and sax, drums and percussion, guitars, bass guitar, keyboards and piano). Writer and... Continue Reading →

Monday Original Content: World Cup Feelings – Really Global Ones, by Fábio Fernandes

World Cup Feelings – Really Global Ones By Fábio Fernandes By the time you read this, it’s quite probable that the World Cup has already come to an end. Brazil, alas, is already out of the game, but that happens. What’s really important is that the FIFA World Cup has managed to do something extraordinary,... Continue Reading →

Fabio Fernandes on Brazil in International SF – of presences and absences

Earlier this month, Fabio Fernandes was pondering on Brazil's presence in Science Fiction, over at his blog Post-Weird Thoughts: The Quiet War - Paul McAuley's novel presents us a kind of old-fashioned space opera where Earth is mostly dominated by Greater Brazil, a sort of mega-country that seems to occupy all the Americas and then... Continue Reading →

Brazilian Steampunk Redux: A Chat with Bruno Accioly

Jha pointed out this interview with Brazilian Steampunk (Steampunk activist?) Bruno Accioly. Moreover, one of the issues that have been discussed in the steampunk communities I participate in is how steampunk should address the darker aspects of the Victorian era. Topics like slavery, colonialism, sexism, class divides, and the history of race have been brought... Continue Reading →

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