Tuesday Fiction: “Sanditon” by Helen Marshall

Today's Tuesday Fiction is by Helen Marshall. Helen (manuscriptgal.com) is an Aurora-winning poet, a Canadian author, editor, and bibliophile. Her poetry and fiction have been published in The Chiaroscuro, Paper Crow, Abyss & Apex, Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet and Tor.com. In 2011, she released a collection of poems entitled Skeleton Leaves from Kelp Queen Press... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Fiction: “Don’t Move a Muscle, Mr. Liberty” by Jordan Ellinger

Today's Tuesday Fiction is by Jordan Ellinger. Jordan is a recent first place winner in the Writers of the Future Contest and is a Clarion West graduate. His work can be seen in Gotrek & Felix: The Anthology, Hammer & Bolter, and Story Portals. He has two graphic novels in various stages of development: The... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Fiction: “The Princess and the Shadowspawn” by Ben Godby

Today's Tuesday Fiction is by Ben Godby. Ben writes mysteriously thrilling pseudo-scientific weird western adventure fantasy tales. He lives in Ottawa, Ontario with a girl, two dogs and a cat, and blogs at http://www.bengodby.com. This is the story's first publication. The Princess and the Shadowspawn Ben Godby Along the banks of Big Kruarnoth, factories compete... Continue Reading →

Monday Original Content: Ten years of Six Brumes

Six Brumes [Six Mists] is an independent Québecois genre publishing house helmed by Jonathan Reynolds and Guillaume Houle, based in Drummondville and Sherbrooke. I met them at Congrès Boréal (a Québecois sf and fantasy convention) this past May in Montréal, where they were celebrating ten years of existence as well as the nomination of a... Continue Reading →

Ideomancer Speculative Fiction, Volume 10 Issue 2, June 2011 by Alexandre Donald

“Rendered Down”, by Cory Skerry, is a modern selkie folktale. Miranda is a young woman who works at a clothing store in a mall. She is fat, and she doesn't like having to manage people's expectations, their fake sympathy, and the other consequences of being big. She wishes she was thinner, and wishes skinny cute... Continue Reading →

Prix Aurora Award Finalists Announced

The Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association / Associatin canadienne de la science-fiction et du fantastique has announced the finalists for the Prix Aurora: Professional Awards Best English Novel Black Bottle Man by Craig Russell, Great Plains Publications Destiny’s Blood by Marie Bilodeau, Dragon Moon Press Stealing Home by Hayden Trenholm, Bundoran Press Under Heaven by Guy Gavriel Kay,... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Fiction: “Borrowed Time” by Stephen Kotowych

I'm pleased to present today Canadian writer Stephen Kotowych's short story, "Borrowed Time". Stephen is a winner of the Writers of the Future Grand Prize, and has been a finalist for Canada's Prix Aurora Award. BORROWED TIME By Stephen Kotowych The look on Vincent's face confirmed for Kayla that she was the last person he expected to see when... Continue Reading →

Short Story Highlight: “The Butcher Boy” by Jacques Barbéri

New web magazine AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review, has just posted a new story by French author Jacques Barbéri, translated by Michael Shreve - The Butcher Boy: The alarm sounded at six. Charles Argus’s arm thrashed about under the covers, popped out, whipped the air and swooped down on the machine. The ringing stopped, the nightmares... Continue Reading →

Review of French Canadian Magazine Solaris

Over at the SF Portal, René Walling reviews Solaris #175, "one of the oldest ongoing genre magazines", and the premier French-Canadian SF magazine: Like most issues of Solaris, this one offers many mixes: fantasy and SF, literary explorations and pulpy adventure, Canadian, French and American writers, yet somehow the editorial team manages to bring it all together... Continue Reading →

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