Samit Basu Interviewed by Charles Tan (Author Week #4)

Samit Basu Interview By Charles Tan Hi Samit! Thanks for agreeing to do the interview. First off, could you tell us about your latest book, Turbulence? Thanks for having me on World SF, Charles. Turbulence is a superhero novel. It’s set in India, Pakistan and London in the summer of 2009. Passengers on a flight... Continue Reading →

RIP Moebius 1938-2012

The Guardian reports on the death of French comics artist Moebius (Jean Giraud): The artist Jean Giraud was principally known for his work on comic books under two pen names. As Gir, the co-creator of Blueberry, one of France's most popular strips, his brushwork was detailed and realistic; as Moebius, he used intricate, visually arresting penwork... Continue Reading →

Introducing World Comics

World Comics is a Finnish NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation)  working around the world, organising comics workshops, lectures and exhibitions. The concept of grassroots comics A low-tech communication tool for activists – Community activists can use grassroots comics as an inexpensive communication tool to put forward their views. Activists, who have very little or no experience from drawing,... Continue Reading →

Moebius graphic novel published in English

Via [BoingBoing]: In 1981, comics writer Alejandro Jodorowsky teamed up with French comic artist legend Moebius and created a new French comic serial called The Incal, (allegedly salvaging a bunch of material Jodorowsky created for an aborted film adaptation of Dune). The Incal's story is barely comprehensible, a mystical, satirical space-opera that anticipates many of cyberpunk's tropes. But... Continue Reading →

Philippine Steampunk Comic High Society Released!

Via Rocket Kapre: The mysterious steampunk comic book collaboration between myself [Paolo Chikiamco] and the wonderful Hannah Buena has now been released! Flipside Komix has published “High Society” (formerly “Kataastaasan“)  onAmazon as a Kindle comic. It’s an alternative history story that mixes automata, Philippine folklore, and the British invasion of Manila in the 1760s. It’s also the... Continue Reading →

The African Batman?

Bombastic Element reports on a new DC superhero - Batwing, "spawned from Bruce Wayne's desire to franchise the Batman name across the globe." Batwing's name is David Zamvimbi from Tinasha in the DRC and he will be wearing the cape for the time being as "Africa's Batman". Batwing Issue #1was part of DC comics' historic relaunch of 52... Continue Reading →

The Vilcek Foundation’s Shattering Stereotypes Issue

The Vilcek Foundation's summer newsletter focuses on Shattering Stereotypes: Immigrant Artists and Writers Transform the World of Cartoons and Comics. Here's their table of contents: Straddling Worlds: The Immigrant Connection to Superheroes Playing Against Type: Marvel Comics' Greg Pak Creates a New Kind of Hero Comics, Cartoons, and Covers: Françoise Mouly Does Them All You... Continue Reading →

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