RIP: Angel Arango (1926-2013)

Via Locus: Cuban SF writer Angel Arango, 86, died February 19, 2013 in Miami FL. Arango was one of the founding fathers of modern Cuban SF, beginning with landmark debut collection A dónde van los cefalomos? [Where Do the Cephalhoms Go?] (1964). Arango’s other significant works of fiction include collections El planeta negro [The Black Planet] (1966) andRobotomaquia [Robotomachy] (1967), and... Continue Reading →

First Cuban Zombie movie: Juan of the Dead!

From the BBC: Blood-spattered, flesh-eating monsters have been roaming the Cuban capital, Havana, in recent months - all part of filming for the country's first zombie movie. Bearing a similar title to Britain's 2004 comedy horror Shaun Of The Dead, Juan Of The Dead's plot is actually closer to the 1984 ghoul classic Ghostbusters. In... Continue Reading →

Original Content: Our [Hu]man in Havana, by Daniel W. Koon

In an exclusive for the WSNB, Daniel W. Koon reports on science fiction in Cuba! Our [Hu]man in Havana: Reflections from an alien correspondent at a Special Meeting of the Writers’ Workshop Espacio Abierto Daniel W. Koon Based on the author’s notes plus [1] “II Evento Teórico de Ciencia Ficción y Fantasía Espacio abierto 2010”... Continue Reading →

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