Weird Fiction Review interviews Michal Ajvaz

The Weird Fiction Review is a new, stunning site on weird fiction with much international focus, truly one of the most welcome new additions to the genre in recent years. Here they interview Czech writer Michal Ajvaz: Michal Ajvaz (1949 -) is a brilliant Czech novelist, poet and translator. Born into an exiled Russian family, Ajvaz studied... Continue Reading →

John Clute reviews Michal Ajvaz

Over at Strange Horizons, John Clute takes a look at the works of Czech novelist Michal Ajvaz: The first thing that comes to mind on reading Michal Ajvaz's seemingly dryasdust novels is water, water as a verb: water in motion, stealth watersheds urging readers into silent-running apprehension of hero flows of story beneath the desert... Continue Reading →

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