Editors’ Note, May and June 2011

Welcome, readers. We've got more articles coming down the pipeline, including an interview with Jean-Claude Dunyach, an overview of Malaysian horror, coverage of Congrès Boréal 2011, and a review of Swedish magazine Eskapix. Want to join us? See this page with info for potential coordinators, bureau heads, and reviewers. Looking forward to hearing from you,... Continue Reading →

Editors’ Note, April 2011

Welcome, readers.This month we're planning to bring you more coverage of the interactive fiction mini-convention in March and coverage of an Israeli anthology.Want to join us? See this page with info for potential coordinators, bureau heads, and reviewers.Looking forward to hearing from you,Val Grimm, Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth A. Allen, Editor

Editors’ Note, March 2011

Welcome, readers. This month we're planning to bring you an overview on the past forty years of Hungarian fantasy, Mike Hilborn's review of Aotearoa (which swept this year's XYZZY Awards), Valentin D. Ivanov's musings on classic Soviet science fiction, and Miguel Esquirol's thoughts on Quechuan proto-sf. We'll also start offering translations of articles about Russian... Continue Reading →

The Key, 31 January 2011

This week we're offering up links about Chosen Ones, an interesting blog by a Locus short fiction reviewer, new (amusing) terms for sf criticism, sf in Romania, zombies and what people have done with them, "The Secret Feminist Cabal", what the hell is mythpunk, toxic language, toxic architecture, and belief and imagination. The Chosen Jerk:... Continue Reading →

The Key, 14 January 2011

This week we're bringing you intriguing history, thoughts about realism, analysis of IF storytelling and techniques, a novel review, and an interrogation of what makes a 'good' story. Africans in Ancient China & Vice Versa, Part 1: Chinese Explorations–Guest Blog by Eccentric Yoruba Eccentric Yoruba Beyond Victoriana: A multicultural perspective on steampunk Fascinating history! Novels... Continue Reading →

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