Tori Truslow on the use of “Exotic” in Science Fiction

Tori Truslow, who has been commended for her short story shortlisted for the James White Award on Sunday, has written a post on the problem of using the word "exotic" as it applies to non-Western cultures. This is what the Award website has to say about the story (bolding mine): Tori Truslow’s ‘Train in Vain’ is a... Continue Reading →

Friday Original Content: Safe Exoticism, Part 2 — Culture

by Athena Andreadis; originally posted at Starship Reckless. Note: This 2-part article is an expanded version of the talk I gave at Readercon 2011. It appeared at the same time as overlapping discussions by Cora Buhlert and Aliette de Bodard. Perhaps this means the time is ripe for change. Part 1: Science Recently, I read... Continue Reading →

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