Fabio Fernandes on Brazil in International SF – of presences and absences

Earlier this month, Fabio Fernandes was pondering on Brazil's presence in Science Fiction, over at his blog Post-Weird Thoughts: The Quiet War - Paul McAuley's novel presents us a kind of old-fashioned space opera where Earth is mostly dominated by Greater Brazil, a sort of mega-country that seems to occupy all the Americas and then... Continue Reading →

Fábio Fernandes on working in two languages

Over at Tor.com, Brazilian author Fábio Fernandes talks about working in two langauges: And with that, she had just found out a simple thing that many of us, alas, may take an entire life to find – and most never do: the miracle of understanding a language other than your native one. This expands our... Continue Reading →

Brazilian Steampunk!

Yes, you heard it here first (or possibly not): the first anthology of Brazilian steampunk has been released! Steampunk: Histórias de Um Passado Extraordinário, edited by Gianpaolo Celli, contains 9 stories from Brazilian writers, including those two busy fellows Fábio Fernandes and Jacques Barcia.

SF in Brazil

Over at Fantasy Book Critic, Fabio Fernandes has an excellent article on Brazilian Speculative Fiction:The article you are about to read is a kind of follow-up to a very similar (almost identical, in fact) piece I did last year for Romanian magazine Nautilus. If in that article my tone was very optimistic, I´m afraid things had... Continue Reading →

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