Fantasy Magazine, January 2011

Fantasy Magazine tells you what it's about right there in the masthead: "From modern mythcraft to magic surrealism." No ambiguous names, no hunting around to get a feel for the sort of stories they publish. They feature a new piece of fiction every week and publish regular non-fiction articles focusing things of interest to fans... Continue Reading →

Short Story Highlight: “Ghost Girl” by Lauren Beukes

Our first story highlight for the year! You can click on the Short Story Highlight tag to see previous posts, where we highlight various stories by international writers. Fantasy Magazine starts off the season, with South African writer Lauren Beukes' story, Ghost Girl: You think of a city as a map, all knotted up in... Continue Reading →

Short Story Highlight: “Monsters” by Lavie Tidhar, at Fantasy Magazine

Lavie Tidhar's latest short story is online: Monsters, published at Fantasy Magazine. I first ate a man when I was eight years old. In the history of humanity, cannibalism is more common than you might think. Rather than the mark of a savage, as several rising civilizations on the continent of Europe tried to make... Continue Reading →

Short Story Highlight: “Logovore” by Joseph Nacino, at Fantasy Magazine

The latest story at Fantasy Magazine is Logovore, by Filipino writer Joseph F. Nacino: He lives on words. Literally, he eats them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes he has them for snacks too. For example, the word “effervescent’” is a tasty morsel, a bit on the spicy side with a light tinge of sweetness.... Continue Reading →

Short Story Highlight: “Bloodlines” by Silvia Moreno-Garcia, at Fantasy Magazine

Mexican writer Silvia Moreno-Garcia's latest story, Bloodlines, is now up at Fantasy Magazine: Elena flipped the picture of San Antonio de Padua on its head and placed thirteen coins before him. She split a coconut, bathed it in perfume and whispered his name. When neither worked, she phoned Mario. Five minutes later she was yelling... Continue Reading →

Short Story Highlight: “Perhaps this is Kushi’s Story” by Swapna Kishore (Fantasy Magazine)

This week's Fantasy Magazine features a new story by Indian writer Swapna Kishore, Perhaps this is Kushi's Story: Elder Sister places pebbles to mark people in her sand village. She pats walls in place. She smiles in her know-it-all way as if to remind me that it is she who will marry the headman’s son... Continue Reading →

Rich Horton on four new Australian anthologies

Over at Fantasy Magazine, Rich Horton reviews four new Australian anthologies: Legends of Australian Fantasy, Edited by Jack Dann and Jonathan Strahan Belong, Edited by Russell Farr Scary Kisses, Edited by Liz Grzyb Baggage, Edited by Gillian Polack Australia has quite a busy publishing scene in SF and Fantasy for a relatively small (demographically speaking) country. There... Continue Reading →

Short Story Highlight: Hi Bugan ya Hi Kinggawan by Rochita Loenen-Ruiz (Fantasy Magazine)

Netherlands-based Filipino writer Rochita Loenen-Ruiz has a new short story up at Fantasy Magazine entitled "Hi Bugan ya Hi Kinggawan". Here's an excerpt: If not for the Mama-oh’s quick actions, you would have grown up without a mother. With a bamboo tube, and a woven blanket, she captured your mother’s spirit just as it was leaving... Continue Reading →

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