Johanna Sinisalo sells new novel

Via Sinisalo's agent: We are thrilled to announce that the World English rights to Johanna Sinisalo‘s award-winning novel The Blood of Angels (Enkelten verta, Teos 2011) have been sold to Sinisalo’s UK publisher Peter Owen. The French rights of The Blood of Angels are sold to Actes Sud for publication in 2013. Johanna Sinisalo’s first novel, Not Before Sundown (Ennen... Continue Reading →

Cheryl Morgan interviews Finnish writer and editor Anne Leinonen

Over at International SF, Cheryl Morgan interviews Anne Leinonen, a Finnish writer and editor: Cheryl: Anne, I know you mainly as a writer of excellent short stories, and also as a tireless promoter of your fellow Finnish writers through the Usva International magazine, but I gather now that you are starting to do very well with your... Continue Reading →

Introducing World Comics

World Comics is a Finnish NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation)  working around the world, organising comics workshops, lectures and exhibitions. The concept of grassroots comics A low-tech communication tool for activists – Community activists can use grassroots comics as an inexpensive communication tool to put forward their views. Activists, who have very little or no experience from drawing,... Continue Reading →

Jeff VanderMeer on Finnish SF and Fantasy: An Established Community, a Surge of Talent

Over at the Omnivoracious blog, Jeff VanderMeer continues his coverage of Finnish SF and Fantasy, including a video of Jukka Halme. Here's an excerpt: While influence is a two-way exchange, issues of translation are definitely unequal. Many Finns read in English, but most Americans can’t read Finnish. Saara Henriksson’s Moby Doll might have the kind... Continue Reading →

Finnish Science Fiction and Fantasy: Johanna Sinisalo, Hannu Rajaniemi, and Moomins

Over at Amazon's Omnivoracious blog, Jeff VanderMeer profiles Johanna Sinisalo, Hannu Rajaniemi, and interviews Jukka Halme. Here's an excerpt: Supported by that community, a number of unique Finnish writers are appearing on the scene—several of whom have been or will soon be translated into English. Two of the most prominent for readers in English this... Continue Reading →

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