Monday Original Content: An Interview with Frank Haubold

German author Frank Habuold is a winner of the Kurd-Laßwitz Award. He is the author, with Gill Ainsworth, of the collection Seasons of Insanity, published by Apex Books. Frank Haubold interviewed by Charles Tan Hi Frank! Thanks for agreeing to do the interview. First off, how did you first become acquainted with science fiction and fantasy?... Continue Reading →

Some Remarks on Current German Science Fiction by Michael K. Iwoleit

Michael Iwoleit is the brain behind Internova, the online magazine for International Science Fiction, and an inspiration to us here at the World SF Blog. He offers Some Remarks on Current German Science Fiction: German science fiction has had a rough ride of it since the boom time of the early eighties, when at one... Continue Reading →

Editorial: ESC – The European Steampunk Convention, by Marcus Rauchfuss

Today on the WSB, Marcus Rauchfuss of Germany writes for us about his plans for a European Steampunk Convention. ESC - The European Steampunk Convention By Marcus Rauchfuss Some weeks ago, I was twittering with Lavie and he suggested that what Europe needed was a big steampunk convention. Thus, the idea for ESC – The European... Continue Reading →

Women writers, international writers, marginalized writers

German writer Cora Buhlert has a post on Women writers, international writers, marginalized writers well-worth reading: There are the subtle and not so subtle assumptions that your grasp of the English language will be flawed, because you are not a native speaker (Read what Juliette Wade has to say about that here). This must be even more... Continue Reading → Interviews Achmed Khammas interview Achmed Khammas: Backgound: This is the first interview in a series of interviews with Muslim Science Fiction authors and people who have written about Sciene Fiction with Islamic themes. Achmed Adolf Wolfgang Khammas has written on the subject of the lack of Science Fiction in Arabic Literature and has written Sciene Fiction stories... Continue Reading →

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