Five Continent Reading in Second Life

Michael Iwoleit got in touch recently to tell us of an incredibly cool thing he's organising - a virtual book reading in the world of Second Life, by 5 science fiction authors each from a different continent! Michael writes: On May 5th an event will take place in Thorsten Küper’s and Kirsten Riehl’s steampunk location... Continue Reading →

Developing Worlds: Beyond the Frontiers of Science Fiction

Over at legendary R.U. Sirius' blog, Acceler8or, Jonathan Dotse writes about Developing Worlds: Beyond the Frontiers of Science Fiction: Imagine a young African boy staring wide-eyed at the grainy images of an old television set tuned to a VHF channel; a child discovering for the first time the sights and sounds of a wonderfully weird... Continue Reading →

Magical Realism in West African Fiction

Some of the most interesting books relating to world SF are published by academic presses, and are often quite expensive. It is good to know, therefore, that Brenda Cooper's Magical Realism in West African Fiction is available in a reasonably-priced paperback edition from Routledge.About the book:This study contextualizes magical realism within current debates and theories... Continue Reading →

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