Apex Books Announce New Guy Hasson Book!

Apex Book Company have announced the release of Israeli autor Guy Hasson's new English-language book, Secret Thoughts. The book is now available for pre-order, with the first 25 orders receiving a signed copy of the book. Please consider supporting Apex - and checking out a great book! - by getting a copy. Secret Thoughts is a startling... Continue Reading →

Short Story Highlight: “Generation E” by Guy Hasson

Several story highlights in the coming week, beginning with Israeli author Guy Hasson's latest: Generation E: The Emoticon Generation, over at Midnight East. Six months ago, I snuck into my fifteen-year-old daughter’s room when she was asleep, ‘borrowed’ her iPhone, and started checking up on everything she’s been up to. It was late at night,... Continue Reading →

Monday Original Content: American Authors vs. Foreign Authors, by Guy Hasson

AMERICAN AUTHORS VS. FOREIGN AUTHORS SF From the Rim Guy Hasson In my last article I talked about the differences in writing for the American/British audience and writing for a ‘foreign’ audience. Now let’s try it the other way around and talk about the differences between American/British authors and ‘foreign’ authors. Profitability Foreign SF authors... Continue Reading →

Original Content: Part Two of Guy Hasson’s Column on Making His Feature Film Debut

SF FROM THE RIM Making ‘Heart of Stone’: An Israeli SF Film (Part II) By Guy Hasson   In my last article, we talked about the logistics of making ‘Heart of Stone’, a feature-length, low-budget, experimental SF film in Hebrew, which premiered in Israel’s ICon 2008 SF Festival. This time we’re going to talk about... Continue Reading →

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