Islamic Steampunk?

Yakoub Islam writes about his hopeful novel-to-be, a steampunk adventure based on Islam. Here is a blurb: December, 1148. Europe’s second crusade has failed to take Damascus, and worse, a new Saracen threat is ascending – steam power. At least, that’s the terrifying message Abbot Bernard of Clairvaux brings to Pope Eugenius, in order to... Continue Reading →

Apex Magazine to host special Arab/Muslim Issue in November

Catherynne Valente, editor of Apex Magazine, has announced the November issue will be a special showcase issue: I was thinking the other day about the whole horrifying Elizabeth Moon situation. I don't like to just watch bad things happen and make outraged noises and then go back to reading the intertubes like nothing happened. I always... Continue Reading →

A New Manifesto for Islamic Science Fiction!

Ahmed A. Khan has posted Islamic Science Fiction Coming into Light, a new manifesto for, and discussion of, Islamic science fiction: Religious or spiritual science fiction (SF) is an established sub-genre of speculative fiction. There are magazines like "Solaris Science Fiction" that cater specifically to this sub-genre of speculative fiction. Of the sub-sub-genres in this... Continue Reading →

Islam and Science Fiction

We wanted to turn your attention today to the website on Islam and Science Fiction, which looks at both Islamic science fiction writers and the way Islam is portrayed in science fiction. Alongside this excellent web site there is an anthology, A Mosque Among the Stars, edited by Muhammad Aurangzeb Ahmad and Ahmed A. Khan. In... Continue Reading →

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