Aliette de Bodard reviews Wolf at the Door

Aliette de Bodard reviews J. Damask (Joyce Chng)'s first novel, Wolf at the Door - the world's first Singaporean werewolf novel! So, I finally got a chance to read J. Damask’s Wolf at the Door (published by Lyrical Press)–and really, really liked it. It’s a urban fantasy set in Singapore: Jan Xu is part of the lang, the... Continue Reading →

Werewolves in Singapore! Joyce Chng’s Wolf at the Door released

WSB contributor, Singaporean writer Joyce Chng's new novel, Wolf at the Door, has just been released! Singapore, 27 February 2011 – A rocky relationship between you and your sister may result in more bloodshed than you think – especially if the two of you happen to be werewolves. J Damask [Chng] has come out to... Continue Reading →

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