Swedish author Karin Tidbeck’s debut English-language collection

Jeff VanderMeer has announced Swedish author Karin Tidbeck’s debut English-language collection, Jagannath: Here at Cheeky Frawg, we’re getting more and more excited about the fall release of Swedish author Karin Tidbeck’s debut English-language collection Jagannath, which will be available in e-book and trade paperback formats. We hope to have a book release party at World Fantasy... Continue Reading →

How to Write Science Fiction on a Post-Colonial World

Fabio Fernandes gathers a number of writers on SF Signal to discuss How To Write Science Fiction on a Post-Colonial World, with some fascinating answers. Participants are Joyce Chng, Ekaterina Sedia, Karen Lord, Jaymee Goh, Jeffrey Thomas, Farah Mendlesohn, Jeff VanderMeer, Karin Lowachee and Vandana Singh. I like this answer from Jaymee Goh: Jaymee Goh... Continue Reading →

Feminist Speculative Fiction Anthology Fundraiser

Ann and Jeff VanderMeer are currently using Kickstarter to try and raise funds for a new anthology of feminist speculative fiction. They are trying to raise $12,000. Please consider supporting this project! This is what they say: This project will fund a speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, & horror) anthology devoted to feminist themes. Editing... Continue Reading →

Nick Mamatas interviewed on editing Haikasoru

 Over at Amazon blog Omnivoracious, Nick Mamatas, editor of the new Haikasoru line of translated Japanese SF novels, talks to Jeff VanderMeer:Amazon.com: Between now and the end of the year, are there any other releases you're particularly excited about?Mamatas: Well, Usurper of the Sun--our first hard SF title. It's a planetary adventure about aliens who build a ring... Continue Reading →

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