Tor/Forge Interviews Lena Meydan

The Tor/Forge Blog has an interview with Lena Meydan. Here's an excerpt: Also, no one in the novel, man or vampire, knows the whole truth. In life we often do not know much, even if one person knows a little more than others. Time and history become distorted and we lose what was once the... Continue Reading →

Ray Garraty interviews Russian fantasy writer Lena Meydan

Ray Garraty interviews Russian fantasy writer Lena Meydan, whose book Twilight Forever Rising is being released by Tor in September. Lena Meydan is a bestselling author in her native Russia and won the Silver Kaduzei, the highest literary award at the Star Bridge International Festival of Fantasy, for her first novel.  Her second novel, Twilight... Continue Reading →

Russian vampire series to be published in US

SFScope report that Russian writer Lena Meydan sold Twilight Forever Rising to Stacy Hague-Hill at Tor Books.Quoting from SFScope:Meydan's agent told SFScope the book is "the first work in a series of Vampire novels. It is already a major Russian bestseller with over 80,000 copies sold to date in hardcover. Twilight Forever Rising is what happens when... Continue Reading →

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