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Choice 3D!

Hungarian director Krisztián Köves has released the trailer for his new 3D short film, Choice, which had its premier at the Cannes Film Festival last year. Check it out!

[note this link is for the 2D version of the trailer]

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Calvino’s The Distance From The Moon in Charming Animation

Italo Calvino’s “The Distance From the Moon” gets a charming animation treatment in this short film from Israel created by Shulamit Serfaty.

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Big Knife – Big Fish!

We thought we’d start the new year with something fun – and what can be more fun than this proof-of-concept trailer for a film about sushi chefs fighting sea monsters?

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Our Friends: The Machines

Israeli writer Nir Yaniv has created a charming stop-motion video to accompany the release of his new English-language short story collection, The Love Machine & Other Contraptions.

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Trailer: Kung Fu Zero

Cause it’s Wednesday!

New Chinese kung fu steampunk movie Kung Fu Zero.

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Movie Night: Impossible Dreams

No update tomorrow so we thought we’d leave you with something fun for the weekend!

The film Impossible Dreams, written and directed by Shir Comay, based on the story “Impossible Dreams” by Tim Pratt. Israel, 2011. 22 minutes. In Hebrew, with English subtitles.  Starring Ori Yaniv and Ayala Zilberman.

The full film can be watched free on youtube. Enjoy!

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Wonderful Days: Korean Anime movie trailer

From Wikipedia:

Wonderful Days (also known as Sky Blue) is a South Korean animated science fiction film, released in 2003, written and directed by Kim Moon-saeng. It features backdrops rendered using photo-realistic computer-generated imagery.

Wonderful Days is set in 2142. Environmental pollution has led to a breakdown of human civilization. A technologically advanced city named Ecoban was built and it harvests energy from the DELOS System, which uses pollution in a carbonite catalyzed reaction to generate power. Carbonite extraction is carried out by people who live outside the city in the surrounding wasteland. Among them is an enigmatic young man known as Shua. He ends up in a love triangle with his childhood friend, Jay, and her superior, Ecoban security commander Cade.

Watch the trailer!

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Tehran 2121, Iranian animated SF movie

Tehran 2121 is an animated SF film from Iran, Directed by Bahram Azimi, who is otherwise “mostly known for the animated driving commercials he has made for the Iranian police.”  The film is “about the past and present of a 160-year-old man. The story of this animation takes place in the year 2121, when robots live alongside people who live for over 160 years due to progress in medical science.”

The Tehran Times has a fuller report – but we have the trailer!

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On Soviet Science Fiction Films

Over at SF Signal, Grady Hendrix talks about the history of Soviet science fiction films:

The titles are what grab you: I Killed Einstein, GentlemenDead Mountaineer’s HotelWho Wants to Kill Jessie?To The Stars By Hard Ways;Ferat VampireTest Pilot Pirxa; Ikarie XB-1. A heady combination of ESL literalism, proletarian bluntness and purple exploitation prose, who could come up with titles like these except a bunch of communists, caught between socialist worker’s heaven and the crass capitalist hell? And that’s exactly who made these movies – filmmakers from Czechoslovakia, Poland, East Germany, Estonia and the USSR back in the bad old days of the Cold War.

We’ve all already seen flotsam and jetsam from these flicks. Roger Corman was drawn to them by their polished special effects and sophisticated set design, and he hacked them into pieces, dubbed them into English and hung clunky AIP titles around their necks like leper’s bells: Voyage to the End of the UniverseBattle Beyond the Sun,Voyage to the Prehistoric PlanetQueen of Blood. Titles that reek of colonization, conflict, feudalism and naked chicks in fur bikinis. The poetic romance of revolution, crushed beneath the bootheel of marketing. Fortunately, there are DVD boxed sets and retrospectives surfacing all the time, including a massive megalith of one right now in Toronto, but if you’re expecting these films to be square stories of space comrades mouthing absurd Marxist slogans you’re in for a surprise. These films traffic in more uncertainty, fear of dehumanization and vampire cars than anything the United States has ever produced. – continue reading.

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Hell’s Ground – Pakistani Horror Film

SF Signal have just posted the trailer for forthcoming Indian zombie film Zombie? – which you should check out! However we can’t link to it so instead, here’s the trailer for 2007’s Pakistani horror film Hell’s Ground – because you can never have enough of a good thing.


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