Israeli Horror Film Rabies to be Released in North America

Joblo report: We've heard lots of good things about RABIES, which is evidently Israel's first horror film, a claim I still find somewhat hard to believe but(I'll take the marketing department's word for it). The film played to good notices at the Tribeca 2011 Film Festival and the Fantasia 2011 Film Fest, and now it's getting... Continue Reading →

New Kenyan Superhero Movie, LEO

Indiewire has an article on new Kenyan superhero movie Leo: Directed by Jinna Mutune, Leo, as Bunmi at A Bombastic Element succinctly puts it, is “a film about a Kenyan boy dreaming of becoming a comic book superhero… Though the boy ends up realizing he is a different kind hero.” The film’s website has this as an official synopsis: ... a charming... Continue Reading →

Italian Steampunk!

The Traveler's Steampunk Blog has posted an interview with Luca Cerlini, director of the Italian steampunk movie The Technician. How did you come up with the idea for The Technician, is there a particular work or works that inspired you? The idea for The Technician wasn’t mine, at least not the core idea, which came... Continue Reading →

Chinese Steampunk?

Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame [Tribeca film Festival] [Wikipedia] has been described as "an exquisitely realized steampunk version of ancient China": On the eve of her coronation as China's first female ruler, Wu Zetian's colossal Buddha statue is nearing completion when a series of mysterious events threaten to derail the empress'... Continue Reading →


Thought we'd take off early this week, and what better way than with some very astute commentary - which is also a hell of a lot of fun! - on some the problems of producing genre works in places where they are not, traditionally, appreciated...

Lagos, 2059

Let's start the week with a movie! And what better than Africa's latest SF offering, the Nigerian movie Kajola? Kajola is the Yoruba word for commonwealth. In the year 2059, Nigeria becomes a totalitarian state. After a second civil war, the rich relocate to the Island areas of Lagos state and turn it into an... Continue Reading →

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